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Bangles to flaunt your unique style

Bangles have a varied presence, here at Silgo. We are totally aware of the cultural implications, nationally and globally. Indian women are best embellished with bangles. We strive for the cosmopolitan look reflective of the leading trends in India and world-wide. Our artisans and designers keep abreast of the latest trends. Our hard work pays off, when you give our products your generous approval. We craft with responsibility.

Salon Synergy

Your natural beauty is simply outstanding in Silgo bangles. A typical Silgo bangle is handcrafted, and comes with a polished finish. We have new designs each season! Most people who buy our bangles choose never to take them off!

Our creations are inspired , and set you apart from the competition. You can be absolutely confident in our bangles, regardless of whom you are compared with. Boisterous occasions or somber moments, we have the fitting styles for all situations. Naturally, one prefers to have as many excitement-filled occasions as possible gracing one’s life. One tries to have as many fun-filled gatherings as one could manage. Chiefly, we are inspired by your ability to take charge, and mold Destiny according to Your wish. Our comprehensive range of silver jewelry recognizes this.

Our brilliants are the signature approach to storytelling. They are instant heirlooms. They also feel fresh, exuding positive energy. Bold and elegant, they refresh your every look. Parading solo comes easy in such masterworks. Outfit-transforming bangles at Silgo, leave your peers gaped-mouth in surprise.

Compelling style statements are yours, when you arrive in our bangles. In your group, your leadership is willingly acknowledged, when you are adorned in these brilliants. These jewelry pieces are conversation-starters, with You in charge of the conversation.

Not only are these hypoallergenic, they are also treated to be anti-tarnish.

Familial Fundamentals

We strive to be a Keeper of Traditions. The Family holds a most sacrosanct place in the heart of Indians. Knowing what it means to have a daughter, daughter in law, or parents, we have produced a range of ideal gift items. Our brilliants make superb presents. Consecrate your relationships, with our necklaces. Such an act underlines that your relations are strong,and are meant to grow stronger with time.

Divine, delectable bangles are such exquisite honeys! Your daughter/daughter-in-law will be in raptures! Slipping these on, she will feel a magical transformation. And she will thank you for it!

Trend Stellar

Our bangles are the byword for contemporary fashion. Reflect the latest fashions, with our bangles and rings! We offer maximum high-shine impact with riveting finish. Our brilliants are completely in line with the current stackability rage. Get your creative juices flowing – design your individual look with stunning earrings!

Nothing has you better ‘party-prepped’ than our bracelets & bands! For the Life-of-the -party vibe, choose our earrings!

Complete Collection

Our list of stunning bangles amaze all. We take our role as your suppliers very seriously indeed! For that ueber-chic look, empower yourself with our bangles. Several intriguing new designs are completely original. We mean to empower you, to re-invent and re-define yourself.

For that special sparkle and One-of- a-kind look, glamorize yourself with our bangles and bracelets. These are symbols of purity, prestige, and uniqueness. Our designs are eye-catching and contemporary.


We add to your ensemble. If you like layering, you will be especially drawn to several of our designs. These are completely compatible with layering techniques. With the aid of earrings in our complete collection, you can redefine your wardrobe. Stack those bangles for maximum impact. Combine them with bracelets, wear them with necklaces and pendants. The possibilities are endless.

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