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Our company was incorporated as Silgo Retail Private Limited on January 09, 2016 under the Companies Act, 2013 with the Registrar

of Companies, Jaipur bearing Registration No. 049036. The status of our company was changed to a public limited company and the name of our company was changed to Silgo Retail Limited by a special resolution passed on July 24, 2018. A fresh Certificate of Incorporation consequent upon conversion was issued on July 28, 2018 by the Registrar of Companies, Jaipur. The Company's Corporate  Identify Number is U36911RJ2016PLC049036.

Business Overview  

Our Company is engaged in the business of designing, manufacturing, retailing and wholesaling of silver jewellery. We deal in silver jewellery and offer a wide variety of designs to suit the preferences of the end customers. With regional diversity of tastes and preferences, we have diverse portfolio of ornament and jewellery to suit the taste and preference of one & all and accordingly we have developed an ability to design our jewellery products as per latest trends, fashion and demographic preference of the end customers.

Our products include silver jewellery with varied range of design. Our product portfolio includes rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, jhumki, bangles and customized jewellery based on customer demand. We mainly deal in silver jewellery. Our online products are hallmarked jewellery certified by BIS. Every jewellery made at our company is cast in 925 sterling silver.

We are a customer centric company and we primarily focus on attaining the utmost client satisfaction by assuring them quality assured products.

We have a dedicated and efficient design team, focused on developing new products and designs that meet customers' reqirements using the latest 3D Computer-Aided Designing (CAD) Software.

Our Company started with an initiative "Dyuti" , to promote women entrepreneurship and to make them self-reliant. Dyuti is women-centric initiative by our company that has arisen from the sole need to empower women and help them become entrepreneurs. The program is suitable for every woman who wants to work, be economically productive for herself and/or her family. The program is so launched that women entrepreneurs enroll themselves for a kit according to their suitability which is offered in different price values for selling it further. The kit includes collection of earrings, necklaces, rings, etc to embark upon their entrepreneurial journey. It also includes a business guide that carries essential information to help kick start their business.

Our ethical trade practices, tranparent business dealing and timely delivery of products help us in maintaining cordial relations with our customers.

When two complimentary instruments of change come together for a purpose, there is bound to be a revolution. Bela Badhalia and Nitin Jain decided to come together to start a never-before range of stylish and elegant silver jewellery which speaks of master craftsmanship, latest international design, and most importantly, BIS certification and hallmark. A quick peek into each of these dynamic leaders.


Bela Agrawal


Opportunities are omnipresent. Their selection and eventual success is a by-product of the choices you make. Bela Badhalia is a staunch believer in the ideology of karma. That’s probably why she ardently pursued her interests in life-spaces and sharpened her entrepreneurial abilities to launch her home fashion studio. Additionally, she is also the chief consultant and design approver at her world-class jewellery house that continues to win accolades for their sheer design brilliance at national and international trade fairs and exhibitions. She is a full-time mother and homemaker too. Yes, you read it right. Full time, because she strongly feels that you cannot be a part-time mother. When not working at her jewellery house or interiors store, Bela is either extensively travelling to represent her companies or is enthusiastically participating in the effervescent FLO or other such dynamic forums to interact, learn, grow and enjoy.


Her ideology behind Dyuti springs from her thankfulness for her opportunities and the responsibility she feels she carries to create entrepreneurial opportunities for every woman who wants to expand her horizons and in-cash happiness.


Nitin Jain


Hard work is useless if it is aimless. Tirelessly striving towards a clear goal is the only way to go and quite truly, is the gist of Nitin Jain’s life. Born and raised in Jaipur, the hub for gemstones and jewellery, Nitin has been ardently building a silver jewellery business and has become a market leader in manufacturing, export and domestic sale of crafted silver jewellery. For almost two decades now, he has been extensively travelling and reaching out to a huge client base spread across Asia, Europe and America. His hallmarked jewellery has earned him a reputation of trusted manufacturer and seller, globally.


Music is his favourite companion when travelling to participate in trade shows. His manufacturing units in Jaipur have been catering to the expansive demands of the dynamic jewellery business globally.