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Jewelry Gifts For Family And Friends This Navratri

Giving love, affection and solidarity – why jewelry gifts are so special

Sometimes there are simply people in life to whom you want to give a very special gift. Maybe as an expression of a deep love, a deep familiarity or a lifelong friendship. Rarely do we buy jewelry for ourselves, rather we are inclined to give it. Because each piece of jewelry has a very special story attached to it. There is jewelry from the family that lasts for decades, the ring from loved ones or the jewelry that accompanies friends throughout life.

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Whether for special birthdays, festivals or anniversaries. Jewelry makes gifts more than just a gift. 925 sterling silver and gemstones are more than just concessions of a certain value, regardless of the price, jewelry endures. It is a sign of lasting things in a time when many things just fly away. From a chain with a pendant for the first love for a child to a birthday present for the wife or the right Navratri present for the mother- pieces of jewelry are a gift that will shine in full beauty even years after unpacking.

Jewelry for friends, partners and family – finding the right gift 

We don’t just give jewelry to anyone. Gemstones and sterling silver are classic gifts because they are always loaded with meaning. In a single ring we can give our heart away, a pendant can show that we want to stay with the recipient forever and with a bangle we can bind someone closer and more intimately and at the same time express our affection.Jewelry represents bonding Which jewelry we choose for family, friends or our great love is something deeply personal. There is always talk of the language of flowers, but there is also a deeper symbolism behind jewels. Every gem has its meaning and a necklace is more informal than a ring. Before giving it, it is a good idea to deal with this symbolism a little more deeply. Choosing the jewelry that says what we can hardly say in words is only part of

the story. Because of course the recipient should not only like the jewelry, but love it. In order to avoid one or the other faux pas here, it is worthwhile to “spy on” the people receiving the gifts. After all, nobody wants to appear a fool …

Which stones does the person to be given already like to wear? Is there a penchant for horoscopes, birthstones and jewelry symbolism that brings more than a smile to her face? Does your loved one wear eye-catching eye-catchers or should the gift symbolize a good friend subtly connected? Or there is preferred jewelry – some people just love to wear chains with pendants, but never rings. An attentive eye will find the perfect jewelry to give away.

A gift that gives back

With jewels,  we combine something very special, something noble and something permanent. Jewelry for the family can symbolize the deep bonds, a ring with a gem or a chain for the partner can express a lasting affection and jewelry can also be the perfect gift for friends. And now that Navratri is approaching, it is worthwhile to rummage through shiny brilliants. Jewelry is perfect as gifts that are not only unforgettable, but that also say something. And that is evident every time you look at it and in the cozy feeling of the brilliants on your skin that simply makes you think of someone who is as special as a jewel.


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