insect silver jewellery

Get Stung By SILgo’s Insect Inspired Silver Jewellery


The Nature-inspired jewellery was prominent in the Georgian and Victorian period and it was the floral motif that was everyone’s favourite. It was only later that the world was introduced to the animal, birds, and insect-inspired motifs in jewels and accessories.

In the past, common techniques used to make these creative designs were enamel, perspex, intricate work on rock crystal, etc.

With time, these designs have now taken their own interpretations.

Now talking about one’s taste, don’t you like those dragonfly brooches, butterfly trinket earrings and snake bracelet?  Well, SILgo has introduced a little bolder look this season in the form of our insect-inspired jewellery.

Have a look and let us know what you think of it! Shop them here, here, and here.

insect silver jewellery insect silver jewellery insect silver jewellery

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