5 Earrings From Your Nani’s & Dadi’s Vintage Jewellery Box

Are you from the old school who has a thing for inherited jewellery?

There is something about the jewelries our Indian grannies wear, isn’t it? Those chand baalis, the peacock motifs and the huge gold hoops, psst! We, at SILgo, have decided to renew the fashion and bring those memories back from the childhood.

Our designers have come up with theme jewellery that’s inspired by our nani-mas and dadi-mas. The details in each pair of earring will take you back to the days when you enjoyed sitting in their laps and listen to their folk stories.

We think it’s time you own these memories in your  wardrobe. Order these pairs of silver earrings here, here, here, here and here.

img_1 img_2 img_3 img_4 img_5

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